father’s day tribute to David Evans amid collapse of public reason

Your son is charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sexual offense, and first-degree kidnapping. Leading national newspapers report these charges on their front pages, along sensational accounts of the allegations, false statements, grossly slanted reporting, and your son’s photograph.

You know that there is no credible evidence to support the charges. Anyone who seriously examined the evidence could recognize that the charges have no credible support. More than a year later, after a 90-day review of the evidence, the Attorney General will declare: “there was no credible evidence to support the allegation that the crimes occurred.”

But right now, hate-filled persons are assembling around a large banner screaming “castrate.” “Wanted” criminal posters are going up on the campus of your son’s university. Professors at your son’s university are condemning him and his friends. The university suspends your son because of the charges.

You see the District Attorney engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. The District Attorney fails to disclose exculpatory evidence. The District Attorney makes false statements to the court, to defense attorneys, and to the State Bar. The District Attorney makes extrajudicial media statements that materially prejudice the proceeding and heighten public condemnation of your son.

Does anyone care? They say, “Let the criminal justice system run its course.” The course of the criminal justice system is unjustly causing your son enormous damage. It’s a travesty of justice, a fiasco. Meanwhile, crime profs spotlight each other on a blog (that’s said to build traffic). Ferocious blog-critics of traditional media prefer not to consider the performance of the traditional media in this case. Perhaps they’re afraid, and they have common sense for career advancement. Far too few persons in positions of power and influence act to help stop this injustice.

Your son is steadfast in the truth in his suffering. He is witness to the best of what human beings can be. He is, finally, exonerated. You might have easily missed news of this development.

Thank you, with a thank you as wide as the sky, for fathers who raise sons like David Evans.

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