pornography as substitute for dating

I saw on a woman’s car a bumper sticker that said: “Porn! It’s cheaper than dating!”

As a serious Ph.D. economist, I believe in price elasticity and substitution effects. I also realize that pornography has been the most successful type of paid content on the Internet. But something is missing in that economic analysis. I couldn’t put my hand around it.

Then I remembered an advertising poster hung in the DC metro.  The right half of the poster had a big picture of half of a woman’s smiling face. The left side of the poster declared in large letters: “Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women.”

Pornography is a poor substitute for a real, live, human person.  Men deserve better than pornography.  Pornography indicates that we have not met the needs of men.

12 thoughts on “pornography as substitute for dating”

  1. Pornography reinforces the inequality of power between men and women. Women deserve better than pornography. Pornography is a reflection that we have not met the needs of men.

  2. You couldn’t put your hand around it?


    Well, seriously, some of the Male Denizens of the Land of Topiary feel that it meets a need–a need for comfort without complications. A need for diversion without required follow-up (i.e. phone calls, further dates, etc.)

    This humble Cow isn’t sure what price elasticity and substitution effects are (they may not exist in the Land of Topiary).

    If we all received what we deserve, though, this Female Denizen wonders what that speaks to in some of her former bovine boyfriends.


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