learning from women: tears will gain you forgiveness for all your crimes

woman crying

A 35-year-old woman planned and carried out a series of rapes of a 12-year-old boy. A news headline explained that she had engaged in “clandestine sex trysts” with the boy. The headline reported that she “burst into tears” at her criminal sentencing. Can you imagine such a headline describing a 35-year-old man raping a 12-year-old girl?

Former Ravens Cheerleader Completes Weekend Jail Time For Rape Of Teen Boy.” She was 49. He was 15. If a 49-year-old man had raped a 15-year-old girl, would he have been sentenced just to weekend jail time?

A 35-year-old English teacher raped a student eight times in the classroom and in a car. The teacher was sentenced to 10 years of probation. The teacher-perpetrator was a woman, and the student-victim was a boy. Do you think that gender pattern biased the criminal sentence?

While mainstream media and legal authorities largely ignore gender bias in the criminal justice system, ordinary persons are starting to notice the terrible injustice of gender-biased criminal justice. Suppose a woman rapes a boy. Suppose the rapist gets pregnant, doesn’t chose to have an abortion, doesn’t chose to legally abandon the child, and doesn’t chose to put the child up for adoption. Under what kind of justice system would the rape victim then be legally forced to make large monthly payments to his rapist? That happens under the U.S. justice system, and probably under other justice systems around the world.

Grass-roots activists have interpreted gender injustice in new ways that are far more significant than the gender ratio in particular employment categories. The point, however, is to change gender injustice. For that task, the medieval Latin masterpiece Speculum stultorum provides vital guidance. With freedom of speech that probably would not be acceptable today, that medieval Latin work boldly described cloistered nuns in England:

They’re serpent-bodied, siren-voiced, with breasts
of dragons, Paris’s heart, Susanna’s charms.
But still they have one motion that rebuts all,
a ceaseless flow of tears before their God.
With these they pray to God and win his grace,
with these they cleanse their hearts of all their crimes.

{ Corpore serpentes, sirenes voce, dracones
pectore, Susanna smigmate, corde Paris.
Sed tamen illud habent, unum quod cuncta refellit,
ante Deum lacrimas quae sine lege fluunt.
His Dominum placant semper veniamque merentur,
his sua cunta lavant crimina, quicquid agunt. }

Men too deserve forgiveness for all their crimes. To achieve gender equality with women, men must cry openly and profusely in the face of appalling injustices against men.

Some women strive to shame men into repressing their tears. In the twelfth century, Heloise of the Paraclete and Peter Abelard, or a woman and man similar to them, were in love. They, however, were upset with each other. He wrote to her:

I received a letter with your tears. To you I send my letter with tears.

{cum lacrimis tuis scripta recept, cum lacrimis mea scripta remitto. }

She rebuked him for his tears:

I do not want any more tears to burst forth from your eyes, for it is improper for a man to weep, when he of honorable firmness should be strict with himself.

{ Lacrimas ulterius nolo ab oculis tuis prorumpi, quia indecens est virum flere, cum honesti rigoris debeat in se severitatem tenere. }

If men cry, more persons might realize that men are human beings. More persons might feel compelled to treat men with human compassion. People might even start to protest the criminalization of men and the vastly disproportionate incarceration of men.

Men still wait for justice systems to provide equal justice under law. At least God hears the cries of the poor while gynocratic society ignores them.

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The first quote above is from Nigellus Wireker, Mirror of Fools {Speculum stultorum} ll. 2379-84, Latin text from Mozley & Raymo (1960) p. 67. I’ve adapted the English translation from Regenos (1959) p. 114.

The second and third quotes are excerpted from Letters of Two Lovers {Epistolae duorum amantium}, Letter 61 (man to woman) and Letter 62 (woman to man), Latin text from Mews (1999), my English translation, benefiting from those of id. and Newman (2016).

With remarkable boldness, Heldris of Cornwall, the narrator of the thirteenth-century Romance of Silence {Roman de Silence} declared of the evil Queen Eufeme:

By crying she wanted to trick him
into thinking that she didn’t want to do wrong,
for a woman cries in cunning
when she wants to carry out her deception.

{ Par plorer le violt engignier
Qu’ele ne violt pas forlignier:
Car feme plore par voidie
Quant aënplir violt sa boisdie. }

Roman de Silence, vv. 4155-8, Old French text and English translation (modified) from Roche-Mahdi (1992).

[image] Woman crying. Image created by the U.S. Marine Corps for National Domestic Violence Awareness month in 2009. Via Wikimedia Commons. The U.S. criminal justice system gender-profiles men for arrest for domestic violence. The U.S. also administers separate and highly gender-unequal services for victims of domestic violence.


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63 thoughts on “learning from women: tears will gain you forgiveness for all your crimes”

  1. Hi Douglas. Excellent work as ever. I always look forward to reading your work.

    Regarding your statement. “That happens under the U.S. justice system, and probably under other justice systems around the world.” I can confirm as a veteran MHRA of UK F4J [Father’s for Justice] since 2002 and an advisor of the fledgling US F4J and India MHRM shortly after that and as a participant in the internationally attended UK ICMI 2016 [International Conference on Men’s Issues], that there’s no probably about it.

    India is doing better, because they’re also doing worse, with women able to have husbands and their entire families imprisoned on mere hearsay, their movement is expanding at an incredible rate and they have a few MPs on their side, but we here in the UK have also accidently found a advocate MP or two and one in particular who, being appalled at the constant news of women’s issues in the lame-stream media, wanted to do something about it, but who is also a rare MP who actually bothered to look into the UK government statistics on the matter and so to his shock found [what we MHRAs have long known] that in fact men are the ones being mistreated in every sense and regarding prison and the legal system that men are more or less dealt with twice as harshly all the way down the line, from arrest to imprisonment, more or less accounting for the large part of the prisoner gender disparity in the UK. The rather exceptional MP Philip Davies. [Though he and I differ in some political views]

    In the UK women inmates may wear casuals, because it might hurt their feelings to wear a prison uniform, so only country club style prison for female murderers and get this to top it all, in the UK there is no crime of rape for women, rape can only be perpetrated by men and boys.

  2. Far better custodial treatment for post-conviction females is not a contemporary phenomenon. For example, at San Quentin prison in California (established during the 19th century and initially for both men and women) men served their sentences in hideous conditions while women had a special floor above the prison infirmary. Each woman got a separate room (not a cage) that was a good deal more salubrious than what you would find as dorm housing on a college campus. Unlike the males, they were not required to wear uniforms and their physical movement was not as constrained. Eventually the state of California closed the women’s section of the prison.
    In fairness, at the very beginning (during Gold Rush times) the men and women were actually integrated in one part of the penitentiary, but this was soon done away with.
    Humans are peculiar creatures; for they regularly privilege and reward perceived weakness while demonizing that which is strong and powerful…even if it poses no demonstrable threat; invariably destroying it.

  3. Feminism does have some unusual and perhaps unintended consequences. I would argue that that greatest freedom of all is the freedom *Not to Work*; as engaging in labor (whatever the nature) constitutes an infringement on one’s Free Time…and since time is a person’s most precious resource…this theft of freedom is both profound and grave.
    Feminism greatly augmented the number of females in the labor pool; and I can tell you categorically that many, many women deeply regret this quantum change in the gender dynamic.
    Who in their right mind would want to work if they did not have to? For even a so-called “fulfilling” career still constitutes time stolen from leisure…time that could be better spent pondering the Nature of Existence and Reality…or travelling for pleasure…or strolling…or simply loafing.

  4. Of course the concept of the “sacredness” of labor has its roots in ancient times; recently updated in the canonization of those who embody the “Protestant Work Ethic”…as if those who break their necks toiling away from adolescence to Old Age are scoring points in Heaven; while the idle are writing themselves a one way ticket to Hell.
    This is a very effective brainwash; so thorough that the myth endures to this very day. The Ruling Class needs slaves to move civilization forward; and though the contemporary rabble is no longer encumbered with actual physical chains; the minor improvements in their quality of life are mostly illusory and really were quite necessary…since w/o them; a widespread revolt would have occurred long ago.

  5. Always remember that authority (i.e. “author of horrors”) does not exist in nature. It is an artificial construct created by those in power to maintain their power.
    Those who believe they have the “right” to exercise authority are suffering from a mind rife with delusion; those who believe they are subject to authority are equally unbalanced and suffering from a slave mentality.
    Authority can not be maintained w/o the concurrent presence of its diabolical cousin, violence…or the threat of violence…be it physical, emotional, psychological, or economic violence.

  6. The Grand Duchess wrote:

    Humans are peculiar creatures; for they regularly privilege and reward perceived weakness while demonizing that which is strong and powerful…even if it poses no demonstrable threat; invariably destroying it.

    Of course this has its roots in Christianity; which Nietzsche correctly characterized as the “religion of pity”.
    In many ways I concur with Freddie and his castigation of the whole concept; but not in full. Extending aid to the weak is often foolhardy but in some cases genuinely transformative…as the assistance serves as the requisite catalyst to morph the once burdensome ward of the state into something creative and powerful. Thus these things needs to be handled delicately; and very much on a case by case basis.

  7. I sometimes like to watch those “war movies”…where the males express their reaction to receiving a draft notice.
    Invariably, the most “manly” of the characters reacts positively to his conscription; quite pleased that his freedom has been snatched from him and he is now property of the state; i.e. a military slave. He can now happily go “where the bullets are flying; where the fighting is the worst” to quote Walken in Michael Cimino’s *magnum opus*.
    In truth; I really do not think that he actually believes his words; but his conditioning and brainwash from boyhood are strong…and he knows that verbalizing an affinity for his hideous fate scores him points with his friends and associates; as demonstrating a willingness to endure suffering and pain is a key element of the social construct of masculinity; albeit it a rather negative one for the slave man.
    He will also castigate any male dissenters; quickly labeling them “effeminate” for not wanting to be meat shield. Again the brainwashed slaves need no overseer; they enforce their own thralldom superbly.
    Being “effeminate” is always incorrectly characterized (and even more importantly, perceived) as being “less than a man”. Of course the exact opposite is true…since femininity is the dominant trait in The Ruling Class…i.e. females. But The Lie is necessary in order to keep the Slave Gender’s disposability normalized in the Collective Conscious.

    Sometimes I’m soo smart I scare Myself…

  8. In My commentary on authority; *supra*…some might well deem Me a proponent of anarchy. I would probably label that a mischaracterization, though I do believe that some loosening of the current Police State restrictions would be rather beneficial. America presently incarcerates more people per capita than any regime anywhere anytime….and that’s not something to be proud of, Rusty.
    A philosopher once contended that in the debate between the statist and the anarchist; the burden of proof rests entirely with the statist…for the horrors of anarchy are purely matters of conjecture and the imagination…while the horrors of statism are so readily apparent and frequent that they have been normalized in the average mind.

  9. I do not propose a dissolution of the State because, to put it bluntly, the People are not yet ready for their freedom. Freedom *is* a Two Edged Sword (to quote Parsons)…and only the superior human; one who understands that in exercising their freedom…chiefly for the achievement and realization of their true will and destiny…they must not trample on the Freedom of Others who are engaged in a similar pursuit. Responsible conduct is the *sine qua non* of the exercise of liberty.
    “My rights end at the edge of your nose”, saith Holmes…and this admission is elemental and intrinsic to a truly free and just society; one bathed in the waters of equity; not mere equality.
    The lack of readiness for freedom is not a matter of race or sex or ethnicity; for this immaturity is found across the board. Rather the fault lies with the very system that has been entrenched for millennia; as the People are completely oblivious to the fact that practically everything they have been doing is Wrong.

  10. Just reading how the former U.S. Representative Anthony “Weiner” (no names are accidental, I assure you) received a 21 month prison sentence for what is legally called “sexting”…which is apparently sending sexually laced commentary and imagery to a female who is under the age of consent…in this circumstance, the girl in question was age 15.
    I most assuredly do not endorse such genuinely weird conduct; but let us not kid ourselves; the adolescent in question is bombarded by all sorts of imagery…probably even more salacious…simply by turning on the television set or going to any of a million different internet websites. Are we to indict HBO or Cinemax for likewise disseminating things that would appeal to the prurient interest?
    This now raises (ooh…double *entendre*) an interesting concept for exploration – the presence of a ubiquitous and unique double bind utilized to ensnare as many males as possible in the criminal justice and correctional system.
    What do I mean by this? Well, the male is generally a good deal more susceptible to easy sexual arousal than the female…and this is achieved most frequently by his viewing of salacious imagery. So what does the contemporary culture do? Why it absolutely bombards him with all sorts of sexual images…on television, on billboards, on the internet…there is almost no escaping it. Thus subjected to this never-ending set of stimuli, his mind becomes very much enslaved by it. Now here comes the punch line! The culture codifies all sorts of laws and regulations specifically designed to punish him for even the slightest manifestation of the state of arousal his culture has put him in! As I write this, France is on the verge of passing legislation that would subject men to huge fines and possible prison for even *speaking* to a female. The prison-industrial complex delights in this strange dynamic, as it assures a steady stream of new prisoners / slaves to serve in their dungeons.
    To be sure, there are many sick and depraved people out there for whom a long prison sentence is not only necessary for the protection of society but also because they very much deserve to be paid back for their misdeeds. However, if we are going to lock up every male who thinks a dirty thought and then sends a written summary of it via fiber optics; well the courts are going to be very busy indeed.

  11. Now some would argue that by imposing the significant custodial sentence on Mr. Weiner, the judge has very much “nipped in the bud” the potential for an escalation of future misconduct on the part of the defendant. There is considerable truth in this view. There are innumerable cases where a youthful offender was given a “slap on the wrists” for a crime such as burglary…avoiding prison altogether…and several months later the same offender “graduated” to committing a more serious crime such as murder. Had the first judge the offender stood before “laid down the law” and sentenced him to prison, the murder might never have taken place and an innocent person would still be alive. The same line of thinking may have influenced the judge in the Weiner case. Though this was the transmission of obscene (always a difficult to define term) material via cyberspace, the judge may have feared that Weiner’s misconduct would potentially escalate if he escaped punishment…as he might seek an actual physical meeting with the girl in question…with the potential for the commission of a sexual assault. The theory (and it is a legitimate one) goes that the narcotics addict is never satisfied with his last high; he most always up the dose in order to achieve adequate stimulation as time progresses.
    As someone who has very little insight into either the details of this specific case or of the machinations within the mind of Anthony Weiner, I am really not in any position to say for certain what an appropriate sentence would be. Whatever the case, it seems that a man’s sexual appetite proves to be his undoing with astonishing frequency.

    1. ” it seems that a man’s sexual appetite proves to be his undoing with astonishing frequency.” Quite true, particularly in societies that readily criminalize and incarcerate men.

  12. Just read where a female is accusing director Roman Polanski of an alleged rape that apparently took place in 1972 (45 years ago). After the woman was “raped”; the director called her up and asked her to be in one of his movies; which she of course agreed to and earned a small role.
    What woman who was actually raped wishes to interact with her rapist and be in his movie? It reminds me of that 1998 movie “Wild Things”; where the Neve Campbell false accusation of Matt Dillon is ferreted out by attorney Bill Murray; who asks her why she phoned her “rapist” for help a month after the alleged incident per phone records…the actress then quickly recants on the witness stand.
    Since perjury is the life blood of the legal system; for w/o it, 95% of the cases in controversy would not exist and millions of judges, court officers, other court personnel, lawyers, and the entire prison industry would be out of work (and hence perjury is rarely prosecuted); I’m sure such wild accusations will be taken *very seriously* by the state and the media; and of course we add in the additional factor of a woman potentially ruining a man; and there is no narrative that is more beloved amongst The People (both male & female) than that.
    The lies on this planet are piled up to Heaven…

    1. No questions about it. Public respect for truth, which no one owns and no one can monopolize, is low. Hard to see that not impeding the progress of science and useful arts.

  13. The aforementioned case also serves as a wonderful potential precedent; for if we can discard absurd little concepts like the statute of limitations; why practically any male on the planet can now be potential fodder for decades in a cage all predicated on the whims of any female who *feels* like putting him there; based on her recollection of any previous sexual encounter she might have had. What a splendid opportunity this presents for a scorned woman; for “Hell hath no fury” as such!
    Why stop at ridding ourselves of silly things like the statute of limitations? Why not rid ourselves of the absurdly binding *ex post facto* prohibitions? I mean we can pass a law tomorrow that forbids males from speaking to women and then convict every man who has ever spoken to any woman at any time before the law was enacted! The possibilities are endless!

  14. I don’t think I would even attempt to argue My points with the contemporary generation; as they would likely be completely unable to comprehend the dynamic I am articulating…and even if they *could* understand Me; they would likely dismiss My arguments as outdated and *passe*.
    The planet is going down the Wrong Path; and really, who am I to stop it?

  15. Some might contend that a white female such as Myself; who benefits enormously from the entrenched system, would remain silent on these topics; though cognizant of the unbelievable injustices that are perpetrated on a daily basis – what reason would I have to pen critical commentary about them?

    “You know I hate, detest, and can’t bear a lie, not because I am straighter than the rest of us, but simply because it appalls me. There is a taint of death, a flavour of mortality in lies – which is exactly what I hate and detest in the world – what I want to forget.”
    ___Joseph Conrad

    The “Heart of Darkness” author nicely encapsulates the source of My motivation.

    Conrad also wrote that the ego is the driving force in the world whilst altruism is her underlying creed…and the two forces…like equality & liberty…are diametrically opposed one to the other; and whose co-existence is a source of perpetual conflict.

    Consequently; I will not misrepresent…there is a part within Me that concurrently revels in the privilege which My lofty caste or demographic hath been afforded; and this manifests in the fact that while I may inveigh against the injustice extended against those in the lower castes; I do not inveigh *too* vociferously…or at least sufficiently to effectuate meaningful change. This failure is not so much borne of fear of castigation from others; but rather an innate and rather nefarious affinity for the current State of Affairs…

    The original meaning of “whore” is not so much one who exchangeth sex for money; but rather one who *knows* the truth and yet willfully disregards it for personal gain. Isaiah 47 goes into this in some detail; speaking of The Woman who had great wisdom and a sense of justice; but allowed Herself to move away from it over the passage of time

    I struggle with it to this day; expedience versus Truth.

  16. “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.”

    “Choose your enemies carefully; for it is they who you will eventually resemble.”

    This is why almost all revolutions are pointless and just a re-shuffling of the hierarchy. All noble intentions eventually devolve into self-aggrandizement because ego and selfishness will almost always overpower an affinity for the Greater Good; unless the Person in Charge is of the Highest Integrity…a rare historical circumstance, indeed.

  17. The Princess saith:

    unless the Person in Charge is of the Highest Integrity…a rare historical circumstance, indeed.

    Two hundred and twenty or so years have elapsed; and we can never be certain of *true* motivations; but actions invariably speak far more profoundly than words; and I believe that the 2nd President of America; John Adams, may very well have possessed the quoted trait in great measure. His career was a testament to public service for the sake of it; with self gain never supplanting his commitment to the welfare of the fledgling nation.
    When granted the choice between seeking peace with France or fomenting war; he chose the former; knowing full well that the course he charted would cost him his re-election. Such political conduct is practically unheard of not only today; but practically since the inception of the concept of the city-state.

  18. Recall what I wrote about how many fundamental legal presumptions are being disregarded or subject to acid criticism? See today’s news for yet *another* example:

    “The pardon is disrespectful to the rule of law in general and to the federal courts in particular; and the President issued the pardon in complete absence of any advisory role by the Department of Justice.”
    ___John Conyers, U.S. Member of the House of Representatives

    See; this is even more proof that we reside in a post-reason era; where words no longer have any meaning and may be twisted any way we like for the purposes of getting our way.

    The Arizona sheriff may be one of the more unseemly law enforcement agents in America…and he may indeed be guilty of serious misdeeds; but that is very much beside the point as I am curious as to what part of Article Two of the U.S. Constitution Mr. Conyers in unacquainted with?

    “…he (the president) shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”
    …U.S. Constitution: Article 2 / Section 2 / Sub-section 1

    Our words define our laws and our very way of living. If words no longer have meaning; or only have meaning when they serve our purposes…we have a veritable recipe for catastrophe brewing.

  19. See, this is where you can see I differ from the rest of the crowd. I penned commentary castigating the Police State we reside in; but though I may not approve of it, I have not the slightest desire to attempt to impede the presidential pardon of the Arizona sheriff; for his authority to issue it is clearly defined in the Supreme Law of the Land.
    My consistency is admirable and a testimony to My integrity; as the “it all depends on whose ox is gored” mentality is a characteristic of Lesser Beings; for in such people, the Truth cannot be found.

  20. Of course, since only one in four Americans are aware of the fact that we have three branches of government; and a far lesser percentage are acquainted with the finer points of constitutional law, the Sheeple are quite susceptible to the patently absurd claims made by gentlemen like Mr. Conyers; and consequently their profound ignorance manifests on the various debate boards which avail themselves to the discussion of this subject.
    Since wrestling with pigs is not a pastime in which I find sustenance, I offer my humble dispatches here at Mr. Galbi’s charming oasis; mercifully free of the hideously ignorant invective that is flung at other venues on the Web.

  21. The plain fact of the matter is that the president is within his constitutional prerogative to pardon Joe Arpaio, the Birdman of Alcatraz or even the Rosenbergs if he is so inclined; the last two cases would fall under the category of posthumous pardons, of course.
    The voters are likewise at liberty to withhold their endorsement of the president by failing to cast a vote for him at any subsequent elections if any pardon he issues profoundly disturbs them.
    Those who would argue that he did not have the right to pardon this defendant in this specific circumstance would do well to read the excerpt from the Constitution *supra*; with particular attention paid to the last clause in the pertinent passage, “except in Cases of Impeachment.”
    Thus the *only* time when the president’s authority to grant pardons is constrained is when the matter concerns the impeachment of an official. There is no wiggle room there, there is no room for “interpretation”; the injunction is explicit.
    This is not a question like “due process of law”, “unreasonable search and seizure”, “excessive bail”…those are all constitutional precepts where those who enacted them *understood* that they were allowing judges (and the other branches) some room for interpretation and they were subject to subjectivity and the ever changing zeitgeist.
    Even the prosecutor on this case apparently concurred; though the judge dragged it out; probably more for the sake of bringing her name into the public spotlight in hopes of a higher court promotion in some subsequent administration; as lust for power and fame are undeniably intoxicating.

  22. Two Questions:

    1/ Am I not absolutely brilliant?
    2/ How much more time and preparation do you think I need before I can assume My rightful place as the Ruler of the Planet?

      1. Satan did take Me up to the top of a mountain; and showed Me all the Kingdoms of the Earth; saying, “If you worship Me, all this shall be yours.”

        Recalling a similar offer from 20 centuries ago (and its refusal), I briefly pondered and then replied, “give Me 48 hours and your cell # and I’ll get back to you.”

  23. Now on human nature, it was revealed to Crowley by The Great Discarnate Spirit Aiwass that every man and woman is a star. This transpired in Cairo in April 1904.

    Thus a personality is composed of three elements: The utterly unique spirit or star within her, her heredity, and her environment (i.e. the experiences and circumstances that impact her as she moves through life).

    The spirit is a constant and at the root of the being’s nature; it cannot be molded…though it can be broken by external forces.

    However the heredity can impose certain unique traits and dispositions relative to alternate heredities; and life experiences and environment cannot help but shape one’s way of thinking and general outlook; as all people are essentially works in progress for life.

    There is another question to ponder; and that is does one become what one is?

    Such an inquiry asks if certain unique traits are latent and dormant…mere potential energy…not yet realized; that is they have yet to visibly manifest; is their manifestation imminent and can it be effectively constrained? In other words, will there full flowering be seen kinematodrastically once the proper catalyst is applied?

    I would answer in the affirmative; as there is truth in the assertion that a leopard changeth not his spots.

    The gay person serves as a good example. One may send a gay person to ten thousand “pray away the gay” camps; and this will change their nature not in the slightest…for they are what they are.

    One might be able to restrain oneself from acting upon one’s nature for an interval; but the nature itself will be there just as much as it was when the self imposed abstinence commenced.

    Christ castigated his foes; saying “you are of your Father, Satan”….and while this is quite true; the problem arises from the predisposed negative connotations the word “Satan” carries…after two thousand years of ecclesiastical lies about the nature of reality, it is of little wonder that those grouped amongst “the children of Satan” are shunned by most of society; necessitating that their covens meet in secrecy; and their witchcraft be practiced surreptitiously.

    But as Mr. Miyagi told Sense Kreese, “I’m afraid {the bulk of humanity} has the facts confused”. Or as Bowie noted in Blackstar, “we were born upside down”.

    Since most everything Jehovah advances is to humanity’s detriment, one quickly realizes that being a “child of Satan” is far from a bad thing. Indeed such beings are the only ones currently breathing that have a clue as to what its all about, {Alfie}.

  24. They perceive Me as Nothing
    Oh how great is this Shield!
    For who attacks the kitten
    Lost in the field?

    The tabby soon morphs
    Into the Leopard of Fate
    When they learn these facts
    It will be too late…

  25. “Feminism is not just the belief that men and women are equal. It’s the knowledge that when we are all equal, all of us are more free.”
    ____Justin Trudeau

    We need to explore *why* people can get away with saying such things more or less unchallenged!

    The goals of feminism and female supremacy are essentially indistinguishable; the only difference being that the latter make no bones about their objectives; while the former are the most brazen of liars.

    The feminist, at her (or his) core, regards the male in much the same way the white supremacist regards all other races. Yet this core ideal of the dogma is almost never exposed; and even when it is…the revealer is so effectively demonized that Everyone’s fidelity to the movement is actually strengthened, rather than diminished.

    But why? Well, the root of the delusion has its genesis in the Unshakeable Axiom upon which Gynocentrism stands:

    Man is a victimizer; woman is a victim!

    Since woman is the perpetual victim of man, and man can never be a victim of woman; woman now has carte blanche to victimize man with impunity!

    This sense within the Collective Conscious is so pervasive that even the few who are able to see through it will invariably still be influenced by it.

    In direct contrast; blacks and other races are perceived (rather legitimately, particularly in the historical context) as the victims of whites, and thus white supremacy will never gain the traction and popularity that feminism has achieved.

    The other element of the quoted mock profound pronouncement concerns the deification of the concept of “equality”.

    As previously stated, liberty and equality are diametrically opposed forces; for the expansion of one invariably necessitates the contraction of the other.

    Taxation foments equality by restricting the freedom to do what you want with your own money and redistributing it amongst the rabble…while negating that constraint will always lead to a society of haves and have-nots.

    In some cases this is not a bad thing; for no human needs a billion dollars in their bank account to negotiate 70 odd years on the temporal plane and some dispersion of monies can save lives.

    But let us not take this to the extreme; for people are inherently unequal…as their life paths always produce diverse outcomes no matter how similar their beginnings may be.

    Codifying equal outcomes is the death knell of ambition; for what is there to strive *for* if all efforts to achieve and uplift oneself yield no tangible fruit?

    Equality should be limited to equality before the law; and this seems to be the one area in which the governments have been most delinquent.

  26. Is masculinity inherently bad? Society seems to believe this to be so…

    At the Current Hour, the personal liberty of the female is immensely greater than that of the male; examples are manifold and too well known to merit re-visiting.

    The legal constraints that throttle the male have their genesis in several areas.

    One, the female revolutionary is practically unheard of in the historical context. Since woman has proven to be no threat to the State; she is free to do as she pleases; for her desire to effectuate meaningful change is usually limited to the furniture in her sitting room of her spring wardrobe.

    Two; the aforementioned and impossible to shake perception of man being a victimizer; and woman his victim; for nothing dies harder than the well-woven lie.

    Third is the general aesthetic perception of the beauty (mostly physical but also spiritual) of the female, “Truth is beauty”, saith Keats…and since the masculine is the opposing force to the feminine, it is little wonder that the “ugliness” of masculinity haunts the Collective Conscious; lurking in the minds of both men and women; so Dostoyevsky like.

    Fourth, the masculine force *is* the creative force on earth; the driving mechanism by which society moves forward. When this force and its possessors are properly harnessed by Government, the will of Those in Charge will be done. Harnessing the Feminine to dig a ditch or fight a war is a futile endeavor; for women are generally unsuited for such pursuits, and, more importantly, possess within their minds a self respect and conceit that would NEVER allow themselves to be used as tools for others; save for the most extraordinary of circumstances.

    Could you imagine Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian willfully allowing the sergeant from the Full Metal Jacket to treat them as he treated the obsequious male recruits? They would have spit in his face and kneed him in the scrotum within two minutes of arriving…and then accused him of pernicious misdeeds during his quickly convened court martial…his chances of acquittal being close to nil.

    Fifth is sex…for by subjugating his brothers, man *proves* his indebtedness to the Female while reducing his competition; and thus has the potential to be in receipt of the Ultimate Prize in Life; the “love of a woman”.

    Thus the male is the focus of the State’s efforts to quietly enslave their denizens; as their mostly self imposed 2nd class status is a product of diverse circumstances.

  27. The Princess wrote:

    …but his conditioning and brainwash from boyhood are strong

    One of the more dangerous side effects of prolonged solitary confinement is the possibility of sanity setting in…

    What are the fruits of extended solitude? The first would be insulation from the influence of others…and since most people one interacts with socially have ulterior motives for their interactions, removal from such situations shields one from these profoundly negative entreaties.

    Secondly, Isolation yields protracted introspection and self examination. This produces profound epiphany and wisdom; and unimaginably prescient insight. It is no accident that one would be hard pressed to name more than five great philosophers who were not bachelors; or the fact that many of the greatest philosophical treatises were penned while the author was either in prison or enduring exile.

    Aristotle (not Jackie’s hubby!) wrote that man is a social animal….very much in need of interaction with others and often spends his days conceiving of how to acquire their “approval”. Likewise, his behavior is very much defined by what the zeitgeist deems “appropriate”….making him careful not to think or, heaven forbid, publically air, “bad thoughts” for fear of being socially ostracized. It is this constraint on freedom…the freedom to think….that has been Jehovah’s Greatest Weapon against humanity. For when one is terrified to think for oneself…to explore, to plan, to dream…one’s capacity of personhood has been contracted immeasurably….and such abrogation….invariably self imposed…destroys the being’s REAL SOUL; leaving but a dry husk of a man; a walking cadaver…who will obey Jehovah until his last breath…very much embodying The Good Slave.

    Now Aristotle went on further to write that the man who seeks no interaction with society at large is a profoundly unique entity; so anomalous that he is practically not human. In fact, the Greatest of Greeks specifically designates him as “not a man; but either a Beast or a God”.

    Quite a characterization; but if one ruminates on it for a spell, one can quickly see the wisdom and accuracy it conveys.

  28. On 4 October 2017, the Princess wrote:

    why practically any male on the planet can now be potential fodder for decades in a cage all predicated on the whims of any female who *feels* like putting him there; based on her recollection of any previous sexual encounter she might have had.

    It is such a Great Responsibility; Knowing Everything…

    1. There’s a female MP in Europe who has bought in a law that all men after I think but don’t quote me age 47 have to get a vasectomy for God sake this is complete seist and now she is advocating the castration of school boys on a quota at the age of 13yo and had a female representative tell boys at school that they still can have a good life and that there’s no need to have so many males in the world and its not called out by any female group or government, discussing.

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