selling bandwidth

The Ultimate Hydrator Deer Park brand natural spring water has no calories, and we do not add anything: no sweeteners, no caffeine, no sodium — it’s pure refreshment that quenches your thirst and replenishes your body. Don’t bother consulting a book of omens.  When bandwidth is sold like water, you’ll know that the communications industry … Continue reading selling bandwidth

low bandwidth but geographically comprehensive connectivity has high value

Verizon introduced its National Discount Plan (NDP) on June 14, 2007. This “new, industry-leading, generally available plan for DS1 and DS3 Special Access services” offered terms that depended on a customer’s national volume of DS1s and DS3s purchased from Verizon.  Publicly available FCC annual access tariff filings suggests that Verizon sold under the NDP about … Continue reading low bandwidth but geographically comprehensive connectivity has high value

end-user services on national broadband networks

Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia are building national fiber-optic networks that will provide high-capacity connectivity to all residences and workplaces. All three national projects separate network facilities from retail service providers. Government investment, government ownership, and government control, to various degrees and in various institutional forms, will be a major aspect of the facilities layer. … Continue reading end-user services on national broadband networks

successful municipal fiber network

The city of Burlington, Vermont is providing communication services for its residents over a new, advanced municipal fiber optic network. Burlington is a city of about 40,000 persons. The city department that builds the network, operates it, and sells communications services is called Burlington Telecom (BT). BT had been designed and operated to be self-sufficient. … Continue reading successful municipal fiber network