COB-95: bean-counting skill development

Top bureaucracies have formal programs of continual bean-counting skill development.  Under the American Bean Counters Association’s Continuing Bean Counting Education (ABCA CBCE) standards, managers are required to drop a handful of three-bean mix on each worker’s desk monthly.  The worker must successfully separate and count the brown, green, and red beans within the ABCA CBCE … Continue reading COB-95: bean-counting skill development

COB-94: bureaucratic software tools

With the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks, leading bureaucracies are implementing new layers of software protection.  Advanced bureaucratic security software prevents employees from installing any software on a computer or loading any data on the computer.  The software also prevents employees from transferring any data or files from a computer.  Printing is also forbidden.  Use of … Continue reading COB-94: bureaucratic software tools

COB-90: moss for green bureaucracy

You know the old folk-saying, “A bureaucrat on a roll gathers moss.”  In Japanese gardens, moss (dobashi) adds a sense of calm, age, and stillness.  The same is true within organizations. Here are six additional reasons why you need moss in your organization: Moss can transform a manager’s hard bark into a green, sound-absorbing surface. … Continue reading COB-90: moss for green bureaucracy