latest game news

Contemplating my future, I picked up yesterday the December issue of the (free) newspaper The Beacon (“in focus for people over 50”). It consisted of 80 tabloid-size pages, with some original articles, mainly syndicated content, and generously interspersed advertisements. The paper claims a readership in excess of 300,000 and won a 2006 General Excellence “Best … Continue reading latest game news

voice in virtual worlds

Nothing heats up passions like voice communication in virtual worlds. Linden Labs’ recent blog post announcing that it’s bringing integrated voice communication to Second Life generated 527 comments. The next day Terra Nova had a post entitled “The inevitability of voice.” That post has generated 132 comments. Those comments include a debate about whether more … Continue reading voice in virtual worlds

a first-person shooter game

Recently I ate a cantalope and threw the rind into the trash bin, which remained unemptied longer than it should have been. I also had on the counter some peaches ripening past ripened. Attracted by this resource-rich environment, fruit flies invaded my kitchen. Generally speaking, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. As a kid I … Continue reading a first-person shooter game