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profile picture of Douglas GalbiWelcome to Douglas Galbi’s journal of whimsy and hope.  May you perceive a bit of the divine and amusing amidst purple motes.  And rubbish, too.  I remind you, rubbish is part of life.

If you’re looking for a particular post or topic, your best bet is to try using the search box on the right column near the top. Or try the (partial) topic index.  I encourage you to explore what you’re not looking for.  That will make your life more wonderful.

Here’s some information about me petrified from my stream of life.  You can find a lot of my work on Galbi Think!, as well as my YouTube channel. You can also see me in time through this journal.  For example, if you want to see what I was thinking about in August, 2011, use the URL  You can form other similar URLs for other months and dates.  purple motes began in November, 2005.

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6 thoughts on “Douglas Galbi, the author of purple motes”

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