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My thinking and creativity here, as valuable or invaluable as it is, I offer freely to everyone.

If you have a question regarding some topics that this blog addresses, please ask the question as a comment to the relevant blog post. I will respond with a comment or blog post in accordance with my interest, time, and knowledge. By this means, both your question and my response will be freely available to everyone.

I would prefer not to receive emails or telephone calls regarding this blog.  Any email to me regarding topics on this blog will be considered for posting on this blog unless the writer explicitly requests that I keep the email private. I am unlikely to respond to email that the writer wants to be kept private.  Similarly, I am unlikely to agree to call you to discuss what I have written on this blog.

My email address:

The Internet enables sharing of unprecedented scope.  I want to participate in the Internet’s amazing new possibilities for sharing.  Please do not unnecessarily narrow our scope of sharing down to you and me.

3 thoughts on “email and telephone policy”

  1. Thank you for knowledge and research.
    I appreciate your philosophy and analysis.
    You are a good man!

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