supporting democracy

The media fundamentally shape democracy. Obsessed with what goes on in men’s bathrooms, desperately searching for dirty underwear, peddling crudely faked reporting, soaked with meaningless celebrity news, and prone to self-absorbed navel-gazing — these are common public perceptions of the media. Nonetheless, serious reporting of public affairs can easily be found.

localism in news reporting

Localism is now attracting considerable attention in media business strategy. Stephen Gray of the Newspaper Next project observes: It’s becoming a truism these days that “local” is the core value proposition for newspapers. The reasoning goes like this: With tons of national and international news and other non-local content available free online, “local” is the … Continue reading localism in news reporting

new media in action

Last Sunday a Galbi Think web 2.0 social interacter sent me this email: Ok! so you’re supposed to be this hotshot economist and analyst. So tell me this, a communication policy should serve to protect cultural values, provide information and safeguard public interests. After all these years, we are now being ruled by the influence … Continue reading new media in action