Taxman triumphs on stationary bike

Taxman left the field far behind to declare victory in the JDRF 2006 Spin to Win Thursday in the heart of Washington, DC. The Lanterne Rouge rider has been embroiled in controversy after finishing atop the General Category (GC) in the Tour de Frolorado. He entered the Spin to Win hoping to resolve any lingering questions about his ranking among elite cyclists.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Capitol Chapter, sponsored this inaugural event. The field was enthusiastic and determined. Conditions were ideal. D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams and U.S. Congressman Tom Davis pedaled briefly at the front of the field and urged the riders on. The event helped to raise money for diabetes research. Given its importance and the quality of its field, this event is sure to become a fixture on the U.S. cycling scene.

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5 thoughts on “Taxman triumphs on stationary bike”

  1. If Taxman would stop his running noone in the pro peleton would be afraid of him.

    And you got the results wrong. Taxman isn’t even listed in the top 10 in the results.

  2. Taxman Rocks – never seen so much rocking of hips on a stationary bike…He needs to stop riding outdoors & come over to the dark (inside) world of Spinning.

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