bike inner tubes better than duct tape

fix bag velco on saddle bag

If you have a problem, an old bicycle inner tube probably can fix it. For example, the velcro on my saddle bag was failing.  I secured it with an old bicycle inner tube.  Another problem: the pannier on my commuting bike would fall off when I hit a big bump. I secured it with an old bicycle inner tube.  Everybody has problems.  Old bicycle inner tubes can fix them.

Old bicycle inner tubes are like big rubber bands.  They’re strong and elastic.  You can tie them around anything to provide protection or tension.  Moreover, all bicycle inner tubes come in a stylish black for no extra charge.

If you’re a cyclist, don’t even think of using tubeless tires. You need inner tubes.

If you don’t ride bikes, get friendly with a neighboring cyclist.  He or she is likely to have a continually expanding supply of inner tubes that have flatted.

secure pannier with bicycle inner tube

6 thoughts on “bike inner tubes better than duct tape”

  1. I have used duct tape in many critical projects for more years than the short amount of time you have resided on this earth. Duct tape has been my friend and helper for many years and thus, I feel compelled to respond to your remarks that disparage duct tape.
    You say “better than duct tape” yet you offer no comparisons. Duct tape could have functioned equally well or better in the instances you document. Most important, duct tape is sticky. The conclusion duct tape wins out over an inner tube, hands down. Any cyclist who wants to be self dependent should carry a roll of duct tape. Three cheers for duct tape. Long live duct tape !!!!!!!!!

  2. I was expecting a backlash from the duct-tape community. My response: Elastic is better than sticky. Duct tape isn’t elastic. Bike inner tubes are elastic. QED.

  3. A sad defense. The fact that inner tubes stretch is a disadvantage not an advantage. Your defense is usual Washington political double think. Please remember, this controversy will be resolved by facts not by votes. The fact that inner tubes stretch prevents then from firmly holding parts together. Thus, it is a disadvantage. I suggest that you consult with someone that understands physics so that you do not twist the facts (or the inner tubes) such that they violate the laws of physics. I also strongly suggest that the duct tape manufactures and users association (There must be one since there is an association in Washington for everything else) demand a retraction of your article. However, duct tape users just want to solve problems. They do not want to create conflict. A continuing fight or a nuclear war over this matter would hurt everyone. I suggest a compromise. Why don’t you just change the title of you article to “Bike inner tubes can sometimes be uses in place of duct tape”. No one would object to the fact that in certain situations it is better to use an alternative and to conserve the duct tape for serious projects.

  4. Everyone around the globe is encouraged to participate in this blog. Thank you, faroutreader, for making your voice heard. However, even if the fact is that duct tape is better than old bike inner tubes, I feel that old bike inner tubes are better. That’s just the way I feel. Moreover, your previous comment hurt my feelings. While everyone is welcomed to participate on this blog, no one is allowed to hurt anyone else’s feelings.

  5. If my comments offended you and hurt your feelings, I apologize. In re-reading my post, I do admit that I got carried away. Sorry about that. I agree that I should have not allowed myself to get carried away, just because I was writing about duct tape. Again my apologies. I do hope that I will not be banned for offering comments to the excellent articles in your blog.

  6. I would prefer to use inner tubes on handles (handles of cycle handle bar, handles of tools such as hammers and screw drivers to improve the grip rather than using duct tape.

    I would also prefer rubber to use as a bungee cord instead of duct tape.

    Keep both duct tape and inner tubes in your kit to be fully covered!!!

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