making music and video creation easy and fun

Music and video editing programs have been bulky, buggy, and frustrating.  I use Adobe Premier Elements for editing video.  Despite my quite powerful desktop computer, Adobe Premier Elements runs sluggishly.  The interface for doing simple, standard tasks like making titles is harrowing.  I’ve stopped buying updates for Premier Elements because the program is never made better, only worse.  I enjoy making videos despite the continual annoyances that Adobe Premier Elements provides.

Magix Music Maker for making music is even worse.  Magix Music Maker never ran correctly for me from its first installation.  It crashed with “Visual C++ Runtime error! …abnormal program termination” and “can’t find file” errors.  After wasting much time in futile correspondence with Magix, I decided to uninstall Music Maker.  Music Maker did a dirty uninstall, leaving much Music Maker crap on my computer.  I would enjoy just playing around with making music. My experience with Magix Music Maker was about as enjoyable as a harsh flogging.

Companies that offer an enjoyable way to transform creatively music and video have a large potential market.  Much established software, e.g. Abode software, seems mired in the idea of editing as a painful chore.  Magisto’s solution is to automate the whole editing process.  YouTube is also providing new means for easy, fun video creation.  The new GarageBand for iPad apparently is an enjoyable application.  The challenge isn’t just to produce software that actually works.  It’s also to enable users to enjoy performing creative transformations.  Much space exists for software to deliver more value in that way.

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    1. When I was weeping over Needle’s impending demise, I searched you out on the web and found some post about you creating metal on an iPad and the world never being the same. Can’t seem to find it now. Glad that you’re still having fun. Wish it was by working on Needle!

      I do enough with computers. With appreciation for my telecom work, I think I’m just going to continue to bang on POTS.

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