Ai Weiwei: lies of bankrupt artistic capitalism

Ai Weiwei exhibit perspectives at Sackler Gallery


Dear Mr. Ai Weiwei,

I hope you are feeling good.  I saw in Wikipedia that you are very busy.  I’m sorry to bother you.

All I want is to take a photo of your art to show my friends that I saw the art of a famous Chinese artist.  Why can’t I do that?

Please tell the Sackler Gallery in Washington DC to let people take photos of that collection of stuff that you took from Qing dynasty temples.  Taking a photo isn’t like taking something.  Everybody can take photos without taking anyone’s stuff.  Please let me, my friend, and everyone take photos of your stuff!


Douglas Galbi

P.S. – I’m really looking forward to your exhibit at the Hirshhorn.  I promise that if you let everyone take photos, I’ll send you a photo of me standing next to my favorite piece of yours!

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