do whatever necessary to make your mother happy

A friend’s mother is obsessed with U.S. national politics. She said that she was deeply wounded by the election results and still needs time for emotional healing. Here’s how my friend helped her.

“Hillary’s a strong, independent woman. That’s why she lost. Too many people are racist and sexist,” she said.

“She’s a harridan,” he said.

“What’s a harridan?” she said.

“She’s a shrew. She’s a bitter, old, men-hating bitch,” he said.

“That’s really mean.”

“Do you think I’m a harridan?”

“You’re like Hillary Clinton.”

“How can you say that?”

“You’re a strong, independent woman. Don’t you admire Hillary? Aren’t you happy to be like Hillary?”

His mother was happy. Women love drama. My friend would do whatever was necessary to make his mother happy.

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