overturning regulatory calls

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier professional basketball league in the U.S.  Officiating in the NBA is roughly equivalent to working in a federal regulatory agency, with NBA officials get getting somewhat more public appreciation and a lot less heckling. In the 2008-09 NBA season, the number of calls that officials chose to … Continue reading overturning regulatory calls

regulations belong in the bathroom

At a training camp for basketball officials, a senior official emphasized the importance of rule knowledge.  He explained that he keeps a copy of the basketball rulebook in his bathroom.  Every time he spends time on the toilet, he reads the rulebook. All regulatory officials should adopt this practice. Rule books in some fields are … Continue reading regulations belong in the bathroom

regulatory models

A model of strict, intrusive regulation with a highly streamlined regulatory process:

a new era of tighter regulation

The VHSL Basketball Officials Camp has a second session running July 20-23, 2009.  You will get much more out of this camp than your average conference where you just sit around and listen to presentations.  This is live regulatory experience under the guidance of some of the finest regulators on the planet.  Good regulation is … Continue reading a new era of tighter regulation

games need regulation

To increase my regulatory expertise, I recently attended a four-day VHSL Basketball Officials Camp.  The camp included both class sessions with top officials and on-court practice. The supervising officials provided extensive feedback on mechanics and calls.  One supervising official told me bluntly to drop my laissez-faire approach and put some air in my whistle.  By … Continue reading games need regulation

regulatory note

Some basketball officials report a foul as a “hack.” Out of due respect to hackers, I report this foul as “on the arm.” Hacking can be a useful and entirely legitimate activity.

more regulation

I passed my National Federation of State High School Associations’ examination for basketball officials. That makes me a registered Virginia High School League basketball official. Part of the skill of officiating is being able to take abuse from fans, players, coaches, and owners, and still make good calls and just enforce the rules. Looking forward … Continue reading more regulation