the regulatory merit of moving on

At a recent basketball officials’ training session, one of our superb association officials showed us a game video of a difficult situation. A white-team player shoots and misses, and the rebounding scuffle knocks the ball immediately out of bounds. The ref covering the shooter whistles in the midst of fans screaming for a foul on … Continue reading the regulatory merit of moving on

making rules

From the NFHS Basketball Preseason Guide 2007-08: “In the past, a common interpretation has been that any touching of a dribble by a defender ended the dribble,” said Mary Struckhoff, NFHS assistant director and editor of the NFHS rules book. “However, the language in our rules implied that the touching had to be by the … Continue reading making rules

regulatory clarity

To be certified to referee nine-year old girls and boys basketball in a local league, I took a rules exam with about 40 other applicants. Most of them were 12-14 year-old kids. The exams were collected and graded on the spot. The names of persons who passed were then called out. One by one the … Continue reading regulatory clarity

challenges for citizen journalism

Persons live in specific places. Citizen journalism potentially can support local events and build community. I’ve tried to make some contribution here, here, here, and here. Below I document one of my failures. The rules for citizen journalism aren’t clear. Many organizations need to think about such rules. The challenge, it seems to me, is … Continue reading challenges for citizen journalism