dealing with dust

At this busy time of year, home economic efficiency is particular important. Some options for dealing with dusting jobs: pacifist homemaking principle: don’t disturb the dust, and don’t let it disturb you militant homemaking principle: if you don’t like dirt, get off the earth I suggest developing both pacifist and militant capabilities and then deploying … Continue reading dealing with dust

what a mess

Every morning someone is throwing paper in front of a resident’s door. Haven’t seen that happen here before. Three rolls piled up from last weekend. They’ll probably be added unread to a stack and carried to the recycling bin. Or thrown into a garbage bag and tossed into the dumpster. Day after day, trees die … Continue reading what a mess

Runaway Model available

I’m considering placing my sculptural masterpiece, Runaway Model, in a private collection. I have nothing against private collections. I’ve acquired from private collections several pieces that are in my apartment. I realize that many persons visit weekly private collections. Nonetheless, I would prefer to place my art in a leading public art gallery, such as … Continue reading Runaway Model available

Pride (R Laurels)

Today I cleaned my bathroom. Look at how shiny and beautiful my toilet is. Worthy of the champ of bathroom-cleaners!

alternate economic analysis of underwear folding

Excited by the potential profit from a male-oriented omnimedia homemaking enterprise, I emailed to one of my female cousins: To help [her husband] and other husbands keep house while their wives are on vacation, I’ve started a new “homemaking” series on my blog. Check out: You might consider investing money in this enterprise. It’s … Continue reading alternate economic analysis of underwear folding

a first-person shooter game

Recently I ate a cantalope and threw the rind into the trash bin, which remained unemptied longer than it should have been. I also had on the counter some peaches ripening past ripened. Attracted by this resource-rich environment, fruit flies invaded my kitchen. Generally speaking, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. As a kid I … Continue reading a first-person shooter game