concern about superficiality and stagnation in academia

An accounting professor has recently produced an insightful paper entitled “Constituting the Academic Performer: The Spectre of Superficiality and Stagnation in Academia.” While the paper focuses on academic research in accounting from a North American perspective, it suggests that its argument can be extended geographically and to other social science disciplines: The present paper should … Continue reading concern about superficiality and stagnation in academia

better networked citations

Web citations make connections well. Web citations combine widely varying citation texts with a standard address (URL). The authority for a standard address can remap it and associate other addresses with it. Anyone can create citations and addresses. Freely available search engines find all citations and rank them according to various algorithms. The result is … Continue reading better networked citations

saturated in literary discourse

In English literature, the direct speech of imaginary characters is typically marked with quotation marks. An imaginary character says, “Do not throw trash in the tray.” Perhaps your mother? Literary style seems to have become a deeper part of consciousness than verbal grammar. An ATM deposit envelope provides the setting. Written on it is a … Continue reading saturated in literary discourse

law review article distorts reality

A forthcoming Michigan Law Review article on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series indicates that these books present a “scathing portrait of government”: a Ministry of Magic run by self-interested bureaucrats bent on increasing and protecting their power, often to the detriment of the public at large. The author, a graduate of the University of Michigan … Continue reading law review article distorts reality