cloud services circa 1987

From a New York Telephone advertisement in 1987: Intellipath II Digital Centrex Service is the latest step in the continuing evolution of Centrex.  It’s the first fully digital telecommunications system that requires no major switching equipment on your premises: it’s in New York Telephone’s central office. Intellipath II offers 100 features: full-featured voice, full data … Continue reading cloud services circa 1987

selling bandwidth

The Ultimate Hydrator Deer Park brand natural spring water has no calories, and we do not add anything: no sweeteners, no caffeine, no sodium — it’s pure refreshment that quenches your thirst and replenishes your body. Don’t bother consulting a book of omens.  When bandwidth is sold like water, you’ll know that the communications industry … Continue reading selling bandwidth

telephone rate differentiation

Since the beginning of telephone service, telephone rates have depended on how the telephone will be used.  In the U.S. in 2007 , flat-rate single-line local telephone service for businesses was priced 90% more than the same telephone service for residential use. The mark-up for business service over residential service has varied from 1989 to … Continue reading telephone rate differentiation