less you love the deeper feel dug dug sweet ground in the spring singing dug dug down down beneath the bark, beyond the chain you cannot bare to lose again stop rooting there in the weeds only you can truly please like an old shoe teeth-marked with your saliva life, like a true, hot, hairy … Continue reading Doug


I’m a loser. I’m an amazing and mysterious being. You idiot. God loves me. I forget wonderfully.


duck mates angling after each other, descending coyly chest fluffed, slowly stream

out of the male bag

Men die on average five years sooner than women. Men are good at dying. Women and children first off the sinking boat. Men are good at dying. Send the men out to fight. Men are good at dying. Let them learn how to hunt for drugs. Men are good at dying. Cuff his wrist with … Continue reading out of the male bag


Smile. It’s good for the environment!


It isn’t fair. He’s starving, you’re surfeited. Twenty years three children not even a kiss good-bye. He’s lost his job and doesn’t care. Will work for love.

behind a door

Jesus, get out of here! No way! Christ, just leave me alone. Back off. I need to pull myself together. God, don’t you understand…