ikebana: D.C. No. 1

Living in Tokyo in 1956 with her husband, a general in the U.S. Army, Ellen Allen Gordon founded Ikebana International to promote “friendship through flowers.” When Gordon returned to her home in Washington, D.C. she established the organization’s first chapter outside of Tokyo — Ikebana International, Washington D.C. Chapter No. 1. Ikebana International now has … Continue reading ikebana: D.C. No. 1

on the way

On an uncertain quest, caught in the back eddies of time and place, like a Christmas poinsettia dropping a brown leaf in June, like black mould sketching a fresco on the bathroom ceiling, there’s a soreness in the soul of my foot. “A half million people have gone by this booth,” the Mississippian said. People … Continue reading on the way

Nairobi, September 23, 1997

He had come from south Sudan to the Refugee Office in Nairobi. He was wearing a tattered formal jacket and dress shoes. I had on a t-shirt and Reebok runners. He approached me with, “Where are you from?” then a smile and a formal “Welcome!” He asked how blacks are treated in America. “Could a … Continue reading Nairobi, September 23, 1997

broadband demand analysis

In a small park between a highway and apartment buildings, a woman, sunbathing, sits up and paints her toenails.

call to action to form a broad-based coalition of progressive organizations

Singles’ Party Anyone lacking the career and family support traditionally provided by a “wife” is at a serious disadvantage in academe, evidence shows. — National Academies (2006) How many women, paying the full share of their rent, how many men, surveying decaying carrots in the frig, have thought of having a singles’ party, a party … Continue reading call to action to form a broad-based coalition of progressive organizations