entertainment that scales well

In addition to big-screen public movie theaters, popular personal video display devices now range from mobile phones to personal computers to huge home television sets. Video first shown on a big screen to a silent crowd gathered in a darkened theater might come to be viewed on a small, mobile-phone screen by a single person … Continue reading entertainment that scales well

ikebana: D.C. No. 1

Living in Tokyo in 1956 with her husband, a general in the U.S. Army, Ellen Allen Gordon founded Ikebana International to promote “friendship through flowers.” When Gordon returned to her home in Washington, D.C. she established the organization’s first chapter outside of Tokyo — Ikebana International, Washington D.C. Chapter No. 1. Ikebana International now has … Continue reading ikebana: D.C. No. 1

puppet and puppeteer

Alone in bed, her black hair untied across her pillow, she laments the white snow piling up in it. The open-faced puppeteer moves with her, their gestures double, her loneliness is his loneliness. In many forms of puppetry, the puppeteer isn’t visible. In Bunraku, a famous Japanese style of puppetry, three puppeteers visible on stage … Continue reading puppet and puppeteer

artistic neuroscience

Shen Wei Dance Arts painted and played Connect Transfer at the Kennedy Center this weekend. In the open space of the Concert Hall, the performance connected senses and worked across specific to abstract in an intriguing externalization of the human brain. In caricature, ballet is about the air, and modern dance is about the floor. … Continue reading artistic neuroscience