in focus

A tourist couple asked me to take a picture of them in front of one of D.C.’s sites. Their camera was a Sony Cyber-Shot with face-detection technology. This technology ensures that their faces, which are surely quite familiar to each other, are in focus. The site, which they traveled across the ocean to see, is of less importance for photographs.

Think about that the next time you are pondering the features or capabilities of a communication service.

2 thoughts on “in focus”

  1. Good point!…

    Of course this is just one instance of how with all the automation in today’s cameras, most photos will tend to the average taste. Used to be you’d play with the aperture to achieve just the right depth of field, and with manual focus to put just the right parts of the image in focus, to achieve your intended effect; these days, the convenience of auto-everything is too tempting, and I find that I seldom bother anymore… 🙁

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