value a photograph by its wrapping

Photography rapidly became a major commercial business in the mid-1800s. Commercial photographers gave ordinary persons, for the first time, the opportunity to acquire images of their loved ones. Persons today, sharing photographs on Flickr, Facebook, and elsewhere, probably do not love less than persons in the mid-1800s.  But making photographs today is much cheaper than … Continue reading value a photograph by its wrapping

success of selection in photography

Robert Frank’s The Americans is a monument to natural selection in photography.  For nine months in 1955-56, Frank traveled across the U.S. and photographed natural (not posed, not arranged for photographing) subjects.  He made about 27,000 photographs in this part of his project.  Then he spent a year selecting, editing, and sequencing photographs from this … Continue reading success of selection in photography

in focus

A tourist couple asked me to take a picture of them in front of one of D.C.’s sites. Their camera was a Sony Cyber-Shot with face-detection technology. This technology ensures that their faces, which are surely quite familiar to each other, are in focus. The site, which they traveled across the ocean to see, is … Continue reading in focus