cosmic regulation

We must write a law
to address the case
of a cow flying without
a tail-light in the early hours
of the night.

But there are no cows here,
only milk and steaks.
That’s not the same
as a cow.

We need to set a time
to start the night, in
each zone a time its own,
and there appears to be reason
to index by the season.

There are no cows here,
not in the dark, not in the
light, none.

Clearly cows
in the sky at night
can’t be seen when in flight.
Planes must have lights.
Cows should not have
any special rights.

There are no cows here.
And if there were,
they wouldn’t be able to fly.

We need not entertain
conjectures or complaints.
Is there any reason
why law should not apply
to every conceivable body
in the sky?

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