COB-78: customer experience exhancements

This Carnival of Bureaucrats (COB) is committed to customer-experience excellence.   Some organizations focus on customer service.  However, as a result of a thorough, multi-year mission-statement review process, COB has adopted a more comprehensive framework for managing its customer interactions with the goal of producing customers who not only meet or exceed metrics for customer service standards established for cross-business evaluation and planning, now under the responsibility of the Customer Service Evaluation and Planning Division, but also who are “delighted customers,” in accordance with the definitions adopted in the Final Report of the Commission for Re-Imagining the COB Mission.  To further deepen and expand the “delighting” of customers, Customer Service Representatives have been promoted to Customer Experience Representatives and given added responsibility for a 10-point customer “delighting” checklist.  The Consolidated Facilities Division (CFD) has been given company-wide responsibility for removing lights in customer waiting rooms.  CFD will thus also contribute to raising the disappointing scores received in last year’s sustainable-green washing and painting initiative.

As a result of the corporate restructuring necessary to achieve this new, comprehensive program of service goals centered on customer experience, this month’s COB is rescheduled to next month.  You can enjoy previous bureaucratic carnivals here.  Nominations of posts to be considered for inclusion in next month’s carnival should be submitted using Form 376: Application for Bureaucratic Recognition.

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