Carnival of the Bureaucrats #6

This month’s Carnival of the Bureaucrats celebrates the rules of golf. Every year golf’s regulatory bodies receive thousands of requests to clarify rules. Golf’s rule-making cycle takes four years, much longer than typical rule-making cycles at one of the world’s leading regulatory agencies. However, official decisions on interpretations of golf rules are published every two … Continue reading Carnival of the Bureaucrats #6

Carnival of the Bureaucrats #5

Good bureaucrats recognize mistakes. And they try to rectify them with as little public notice as possible. Under Rule 6 of the Carnival of the Bureaucrats, submissions to this carnival may not include the term “stupid bureaucrat” and related epithets as defined therein. It has come to our attention that we have failed to recognize … Continue reading Carnival of the Bureaucrats #5

Carnival of the Bureaucrats #4

I am pleased to report that the Carnival of the Bureaucrats continues to expand. This month’s Bureaucratic Hero is Grigori Perelman. Until recently, Mr. Perelman worked for the Steklov Institute of Mathematics. Mr. Perelman’s insistence on excellence, dedication, an ethical work environment, and no money makes him eminently worthy of being honored with the prize … Continue reading Carnival of the Bureaucrats #4

carnival of the bureaucrats #2

Featured this month as Bureaucrat-of-the-Month is Funtwo. That’s not Fun2.0, but Funtwo. Bureaucrats have no need of superfluous precision. You can see Mr. Funtwo working intensely in front of his desk in the video below (or here). With characteristic bureaucratic modesty, he appears faceless. Mr. Fun continues in the tradition of bureaucrats that have made … Continue reading carnival of the bureaucrats #2