temporary blogging slowdown

In the excellent Iron Cross cyclocross race, I fell down several times and injuried my wrist. I’m temporarily limited to typing with one hand. Thus short posts this week.

promote thy brother

Have I mentioned recently that my brother is a world-famous mountain climber? A photojournalist has provided pictures of my brother’s recent Denali expedition. Fearless Internauts, follow this expedition!

get off the couch

The Anti-Humbaba Action Coalition has staged a few small and futile protests outside DC art establishments. Walking in ragged figures while holding poorly drawn signs, they chanted: 2-4-6-8 what do we want to liberate? Art Art Art in action, art in use hanging on walls, ain’t no excuse! Apparently disgruntled handicraft workers, they’re easy to … Continue reading get off the couch

Carnival of the Mobilists

The Carnival of the Mobilists, a fine collection of blogging on mobile and wireless communication. Check out No. 29 over at Open Gardens.

oh no, not that modern!

Studying my unsolicited email, I came across this information: Here are the 10 Most Read Articles on NYTimes.com from 2005. 1) Maureen Dowd: What’s a Modern Girl to Do? Published: October 30, 2005 Burning your bra or padding it. Demanding “Ms.” or flaunting “Mrs.” Splitting the check or letting him pay. … Another financial possibility … Continue reading oh no, not that modern!