cosmic regulation

We must write a law to address the case of a cow flying without a taillight in the early hours of the night. But there are no cows here, only milk and steaks. That’s not the same as a cow. We need to set a time to start the night, in each zone a time … Continue reading cosmic regulation

dead beat poetry

Dad, dollar can test for the Dad Look, kid, I’m not your father. All I did I got some once from your mother at a party back there and then the man comes a-pounding at my door. Dad, dollar can test for the Dad I’m not your father, kid. But if I wanted a kid, … Continue reading dead beat poetry


A conversation partitions a table. A girl stares into her brew. A mother frets about her daughter drinking and not wearing makeup. I know how babies are made and unmade. Sign language is beautiful and invincible. Every word moves hands and fingers and sometimes eyebrows and lips, too. Reason is cultivated like flowers in a … Continue reading intimation

ode for Frank O'Hara

Dead beat John John has been killed! I was sleeping with Nancy and struggling with coming without that rushing well, you know how it tingles but getting her pregnant was not something that I wanted to spend my life paying for and I love you really more than I ever did anyone but thinking it … Continue reading ode for Frank O'Hara

ancient wisdom

If you’re single, you don’t have anyone to remind you of past memories. That’s sometimes for the better.