COB-67: Bureaucratic Performance Award

We are very pleased to issue a Bureaucratic Performance Award to Ali Kazma for his outstanding O.K.  With his O.K., he has demonstrated rapid and highly efficient rubber-stamping.  Like Kim Schmahmann’s Bureau of Bureaucracy, Ali Kazma’s work is finely crafted.  His concern for time exceeds even that of Hanne Darboven’s pioneering 27K-No8-No26.  His work connects to the working world in a way that Paul Kelpe’s art never did.  Ali Kazma’s work provides a model of bureaucratic excellence and an outstanding contribution to our organization’s mission.  All his colleagues speak highly of him.  He focuses on his job description, has never failed to attend a meeting, and always answers the phone promptly.  He brings his work home with him and eats his lunch at his desk.  Here’s your award.  Congratulations.  We are very pleased to issue …

In other bureaucratic issues this month, the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review recently published an article entitled, “A Novice Lawyer at the Art Gallery.”  The article “analyzes the new lawyer’s transition from the legal writing genre of office memorandum to the legal writing genre of advocacy brief.”  We believe that such a transition is misguided.  With an appropriate cover sheet, an office memorandum informs as well as any other type of lawyerly document.

Maria Thompson Corley at the Board Street Review appropriately urges everyone not to quit their jobs.  She insightfully asks: “when you come right down to it, what job isn’t important?”  Every job is important. Learn how to hang on.

Recent research shows that chimps’ ability to throw shit correlates with brain development.  So instead of complaining that bureaucrats are throwing shit at you, recognize that shit-throwing indicates intelligence.

That’s all for this month’s Carnival of Bureaucrats.  Enjoy previous bureaucratic carnivals here.  Nominations of posts to be considered for inclusion in next month’s carnival should be submitted using Form 376: Application for Bureaucratic Recognition.

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